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Aqours First Live Day One — Initial Reactions

I am headed off to Day Two!!! shortly, and will undoubtedly have a very long, heartfelt Aqours feelings post after today — but for now I want to jot down my initial reactions & thoughts after First Live Day One (。’▽’。)♡

* The chibi animations used during the intermission skits are really neat! They are psuedo 3d (I believe called 2.5d animation, at least in Japan) and are just… super cute, and a really nice touch.

* Shukashuu (You) stole my heart — more than she already had — from the moment I first saw her until when she left the stage. She has absolutely incredible energy and stage presence and due to this live, is undoubtedly my favorite seiyuu and top idol of all time!!!

* Ainya (Mari) was exceptionally emotional throughout the entire performance, breaking down into tears multiple times during the night. The girl next to me was a huge Ainya fan and was crying the entire time with her. During their pre-encore speeches, Ainya couldn’t do Mari’s voice anymore and we heard her real voice, and her real feelings, and it felt very raw and emotional and touching and increased my love for her tenfold.

* The subunit performances were probably my favorite part of the night. CYaRon was so perfectly energetic and adorable, and Shuka had this incredible dance solo that had me crying because it was so beautiful! Azalea had really classy cute outfits with magic fairy princess wands. GUILTY KISS HAD THE WHOLE AUDIENCE SCREAMING!!! They had original gothic lolita-inspired outfits and blew both their songs out of the water!!!

* Also on the topic of Guilty Kiss, Ainya and Aikyan called Rikyako “Riri” which was *so cute* and originally from the Halloween set dialogues in LLSIF — so glad they decided to make that one of their subunit antics.

* During Omoiyo Hitotsu ni Nare, the audience had overwhelmingly changed their kingblades to sakura pink in support of Rikyako on piano (which was beautiful, but also had me a bit bitter as a You fan still upset with episode 11..) I take this back after realizing now that Rikyako was actually playing the piano and not just acting! This somehow went entirely over my head!!!!

* I think I cried the hardest at King’s pre-encore speech, where she said she felt like she was a “zero” before Aqours. Honestly, I am tearing up again thinking about how much I love everything about Aqours, and Love Live, and will continue to support these girls, and this franchise as much as I possibly can!!!!!

Much longer post to come after today’s performance!! Thank you so much, Aqours!!!

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Love Live Aqours x 3 Coins Ikebukuro Popup Shop

Love Live Sunshine is getting a special collaboration with 3 Coins beginning next month — from February 11th to February 19th, a popup shop will be open in Ikebukuro Station’s shopping park.

3 Coins is a well-known brand throughout Japan for affordable, quality home goods & accessories. Most items are priced at 300 yen (hence the name). The LLSS collaboration goods are slightly more expensive than the average items at 3 Coins, but are still quite an affordable price for adorable products! Everything is sure to fly off the shelves quickly.

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Anime USA 2016 Post-Convention Recap

Hello hello friends (・ω・)ノ☆ Today I’m going to write about a brand new experience for me — my first anime convention in the US! I made the last-minute decision to fly back to the states to attend Anime USA and meet many of my close anime community friends for the first time. It was intended as a surprise (that ultimately failed miserably as a secret >﹏< *) but in the end will always be remembered as one of the greatest weekends of my life.

We arrived mid-day Friday and getting our badges was a breeze! I mostly walked around the area with my itabags for a bit with friends as they began trickling in and saying their enthusiastic hellos.

Saturday was the main attraction however — participating in my first cosplay ever as *drumroll* Ruby Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine!


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