About Allinia Luna Japan


Hello and welcome to my hobby site! I’m Allinia, or Allie for short, and this is my little corner of the internet.

I’m an anime fan and collector living in Tokyo and created this site so I can write about my hobbies and catalog my collections. (One of my favorite newer hobbies is creating itabags!)

I primarily collect Pokemon toys, Love Live merchandise, Snow Miku, and Cinnamoroll from Sanrio. Outside of collecting, I enjoy rhythm games, idol anime, practicing Japanese to the best of my ability, and looking after my ferret family ♡


This personal website is an online catalog for my collections as well as a general resource site for fellow fans of cute Japanese merchandise & media. As a collector, I enjoy posting on my blog about a variety of Japanese toys (particularly figurines, plushies, gachapon capsule toys, and UFO catcher prizes) and other unique merchandise, ranging from home goods to fashion and even food & drink.

My goal for this website is not only to talk about my personal collectibles & cute things, but also to help other collectors and share Japan’s cute culture with the world. That said, the blog here isn’t intended to be a news source for any one fandom, but rather I choose to share the things I am personally most excited about (*ᴖωᴖ*)


I’ve been interested in Japanese media & merchandise since childhood — I started buying Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Sanrio toys from local import stores and eBay way back in the 1990s (with lots of help from my parents at the time, of course!) However, it wasn’t until I became involved with the online Pokemon collecting community in 2007/2008 that my collection really started to take form. I started with collecting Pokemon exclusively, and then branched out into other merchandise once I learned how to buy from Japanese websites.

I moved to Japan in early 2014, largely because my hobbies had become such a major part of my life that I desperately wanted to be closer to their source, but mostly because living in Japan and learning Japanese has been a lifetime dream of mine ✩