Pikachu and Friends ‘Happy Beach Time’ Kuji

On the 1st of April, a new Pokemon lottery will be released featuring some of the most popular Pokemon from Sun and Moon — Alola Vulpix and Mimikyu! (Alongside Pikachu, of course). The lottery prizes were on display for the first time at Japan’s World Hobby Fair — pictures were not allowed of the Kuji itself, but we did get to see a sneak peek in the corner of other photos…

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Love Live

Love Live Aqours x 3 Coins Ikebukuro Popup Shop

Love Live Sunshine is getting a special collaboration with 3 Coins beginning next month — from February 11th to February 19th, a popup shop will be open in Ikebukuro Station’s shopping park.

3 Coins is a well-known brand throughout Japan for affordable, quality home goods & accessories. Most items are priced at 300 yen (hence the name). The LLSS collaboration goods are slightly more expensive than the average items at 3 Coins, but are still quite an affordable price for adorable products! Everything is sure to fly off the shelves quickly.

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