Pokemon Center Snow Festival Promotion — Sapporo Center Celebration


Quick storytime before I dive into talking about this merchandise: When I was in approximately 2nd or 3rd grade, I learned that Japan was the country where all my beloved Nintendo games came from. Around the same time, I was taught about the yearly Sapporo Snow Festival — and made it my dream to someday visit Japan and attend the Snow Festival.


I’ve been living in Japan for quite some time now, and visited many times before moving here (goal #1 achieved!) but I have yet to attend the Sapporo Snow Festival. It is a long-held childhood dream of mine and something very near and dear to my heart. I am so beyond excited that the Pokemon Center is releasing a Sapporo Snow Festival promotion tomorrow!!!


The Sapporo Pokemon Center is currently moving to a new location and has chosen Popplio & Alolan Vulpix as the two new mascots along with Pikachu. To commemorate the reopening of Sapporo Pokemon Center this weekend, there will be a special Sapporo Snow Festival themed promotion across all Pokemon Centers in Japan.

snowfestival-plush vulpix-snowfestival

Naturally I’m most excited about the new Alolan Vulpix merchandise, especially the plush in both sizes. It’s an extra cute touch that they tucked a Glacidea flower behind her ear. The three mascots are all designed with Tapu Koko motif clothing!!

sapporo-plush sapporo-mascots

There will also be blind packaged acrylic charms, of which I want the Vulpix and Glaceon of course! A secret charm is also available (which will no doubt be some type of Pikachu).


The final items in this promotion I am excited about are the snow bunny plush — or rather, the snow Pikachu, snow Leafeon, and snow Glaceon plush stylized to look like Japan’s iconic winter snow bunnies. So so cute!

sapporo-snowbunnies sapporo-palmplush

The Sapporo Snow Promotion begins this Thursday, December 1st, at Pokemon Centers across Japan ☆

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