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Anime USA 2016 Post-Convention Recap

Hello hello friends (・ω・)ノ☆ Today I’m going to write about a brand new experience for me — my first anime convention in the US! I made the last-minute decision to fly back to the states to attend Anime USA and meet many of my close anime community friends for the first time. It was intended as a surprise (that ultimately failed miserably as a secret >﹏<*) but in the end will always be remembered as one of the greatest weekends of my life.

We arrived mid-day Friday and getting our badges was a breeze! I mostly walked around the area with my itabags for a bit with friends as they began trickling in and saying their enthusiastic hellos.

Saturday was the main attraction however — participating in my first cosplay ever as *drumroll* Ruby Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine!



It was truly a group effort between my Mari, my Hanamaru and my You as we started with nothing the moment I arrived and somehow created the perfect Ruby from this long raspberry wig (by Tasty Peach Studios) in record time!


And from here on out…. I was scared out of my mind!!! We amazingly had 7 of the 9 Aqours members already — and serendipitously came across a Riko to make 8 — and I felt like I was the lone one out in this group of ~super experienced~ cosplayers. So so many photos taken and I had no clue what I was doing!!!!!

frightened-ruby recorded-ruby


The best part of the day was getting to take silly and relaxed photos with friends (ノ∀`♡) And boy oh boy did jet lag start hitting me hard…

sisters-1 sisters-walking screenshot-2016-10-25-at-8-08-22-am


By the time the DtP dance gathering came around at night…. I was a sobbing mess! Completely overwhelmed with emotion from meeting all my friends, from panicking over cosplay, and totally stunned by the amount of people who recognized me and thanked me for Alluna Japan (;ω;) ♡♡

crying-ruby1 crying-ruby2

But I did get to pull myself together — and even danced (to the best of my ability) with my friends at the gathering and overall had an amazing, incredible time (っ◜ω◝c)


As for my post-con thoughts now, I definitely want to attend more US-based cons in the future, even if it means using all my munz to fly back and forth from Japanland!!! I don’t think I will cosplay again — even though I love & adore cute anime girls with all my heart, I don’t feel like I can embody such cuteness myself — but I’m happy I went out of my comfort zone and gave it a try. For future cons, I would feel more comfortable dragging around my itabags (can I get a little tiara with ‘itabag queen’ on it?) or snuggling up in my dear Cinnamoroll kigurumi /(o・ω・o)\

Time for me to curl up and recover from this jetlag! I love you all very much~☆


Photo credits/friends featured: @dejavudea, @stickehbun, @SonaDira, @chrisstinef

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