Large Banpresto Vulpix Plush

Banpresto has another Alolan Vulpix plush in store for us, this time a large 24cm arcade prize, along with regular Vulpix as well!

They will be in arcades across Japan beginning the last week in April. Like all Banpresto prizes, they can only be won in arcade crane games, and will not be available for direct sale.

I’ve gotten pretty decent at winning smaller arcade prize plush, but have yet to successfully win many larger ones — I’ll have to brush up my skills before April!!

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Pokemon Center Snow Festival Promotion — Sapporo Center Celebration


Quick storytime before I dive into talking about this merchandise: When I was in approximately 2nd or 3rd grade, I learned that Japan was the country where all my beloved Nintendo games came from. Around the same time, I was taught about the yearly Sapporo Snow Festival — and made it my dream to someday visit Japan and attend the Snow Festival.

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Trying Out a New Blogging Style

Hello friends, trying out an entirely new blog style today!

For five thousand and one different reasons, I’ve been neglecting my blog & personal website — mainly because during my anime goods shop into a full time business has left little time for anything else!

Twitter has become my go-to place to share updates with my life & hobby happenings. However, it’s extremely limited with the amount of characters I can use, and I still desperately desire a place to document all my collections.

So this is my test site for now! I’m hoping it will allow for both long, in-depth entries (when I have the time) as well as serve as a place to quickly share new happenings & merchandise news ☆︎

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